Wolf Mothers Store: The brand putting sustainable parenthood first.

Introducing our first parenthood brand to Galerie de Aims.

We are lucky to feature many great worldwide brands here on Galerie de Aims. However, todays feature is our first to showcase brand focusing on parenthood and maternal pieces.

We came across Wolf Mothers Store via Instagram and were fascinated by their products and why it was important for the founder to make these parenthood products sustainable and produced in an ethical way.

We spoke to founder Anna on why this was important for her to start this brand after becoming a mother herself to her two beautiful babies.

Over to Anna to tell her story as a Wolf Mother…

What made you want to start your own brand focusing on Motherhood/ pregnancy clothing?

It is said that once a child is born, a mother is born as well. I have two children now, and Wolf Mothers is the result of my experiences and what I was (and still am) missing.

Although I always wanted to have kids, once I became pregnant, many things shocked me. I did not expect how much of a lifestyle change it would be and I definitely did not expect how much I would change in the process. This all can be really overwhelming, and the amount of structural support mothers receive is really low. So this became my motivation and my mission to make this transition into motherhood as easy as possible.

Did you feel there was a good sized gap in the market for sustainable pregnancy/ post natal products?

Yes. Taking into consideration that just between January and April 2022, 222k children were born in Germany alone, and while there are a lot of products for babies, parents are underserved. But I‘m happy to see it growing and I see a huge potential. Although Wolf Mothers is focused on… Mothers, I see that there is also a huge gap in the market for fathers. And I’m only talking about postpartum and parents’ support products in general. Regarding sustainability, there really is not much of a choice.

As I’ve said, it’s growing, but there is a lot of space in this market.
There is also so little fashion that sees a mother’s needs beyond her growing belly! It’s not just about it. Being together with a newborn, exploring the world together, first at home and then on a playground, nursing-at home and in public, dealing with a changing body and having very little time for yourself-this is a Mom’s reality and fashion or any other business in general rarely serves it.

How were you able to make your products sustainable and do you think this sets you out from the rest?

First of all, sustainability is not a marketing or a storytelling of Wolf Mothers. It‘s a value for me and my family. So, extending this into my business is very natural. From small things, like wooden buttons instead of plastic, to bigger things, such as production in a small, family-owned workshop in Poland, which limits the carbon footprint. Of course, it‘s hard to do everything perfectly, and very often it‘s a matter of compromise, but what I think makes us sustainable is that it is a very important factor in every business decision that is taken. We make sure to share the same values with every supplier and business partner. All of the materials we use are at least Oeko Tex 100 certified. We work with bamboo and LENZING™ ECOVERO™, that require less water to be produced. 
For me, sustainability shouldn‘t be something that sets a brand out. I want to live in a world where this is the standard and fast fashion does not exist.

What makes Wolf Mothers different to your average brand and where did the inspiration come from for this brand?

Wolf Mothers is one of a very few fashion brand that focuses on well-being. Our slogan is „One breakdown less” and each piece in the collection was designed to save you from a situation potentially leading to a breakdown. And honestly, I‘ve personally had each and every one of those breakdowns. I would stand in front of the mirror crying-ironically, like a baby-because I just wouldn’t fit into any of my old clothes and my body has changed a lot. Or the time I dropped a pacifier on a dirty floor while trying to hold everything in one hand and hold my baby in the other.
It might all sound trivial, but statistics are not. The number one cause of death of mothers of children less than 1 year old is suicide.

And no, no fashion will treat postpartum depression and no fashion will prevent a mental breakdown, but early motherhood is a really vulnerable and fragile time. Sometimes, something as silly as not being able to hold your phone while carrying a baby and trying to juggle a nursing pillow can bring you to tears. We only put pockets in clothes to save you from it. And quite simply, we just care about how you actually feel in our clothes, instead of how attractive you look. And for the record, whoever you are, you do look attractive.

Your products also make lovely gifts for new parents, do you wish there was  a brand like yours when you were a new mum?

Yes, of course! This brand is created from my hopes and dreams. And then put to the test in the harsh reality. I have 2 children, and I‘ve started working on some pieces already being pregnant with the second one (he‘s 1 year old now). I would make the same simple dress from 3 different materials and then wear them all the time… or not! In particular, our kimono is a perfect gift for a new Mom – it’s very comfortable, you can wear it at home, but also it will look amazing as a light jacket. It’s really cool. Also, soy wax candles with aromatherapy essential oils for each stage of pregnancy and early motherhood are a fantastic present for any Mom or Mom-to-be. 
In my time, I wished that there was a brand acknowledging this irri change in life. Instead of hearing all the time how quickly you should “get your body/life back”, Some things still need to be normalised in society.

What is next for you as a brand and how can our readers shop your products once they are released?

The sale will launch on October 1 on the website – www.wolf-mothers.com. You can shop the Wolf Mother Collection. Before that, I would love to encourage anyone interested to sign up for a newsletter. You can find it easily in the @wolfmothersstoree bio on Instagram. Once you sign up, you will receive a 5 minute anti-anxiety meditation as a gift. But Wolf Mothers, as I’ve mentioned before, goes beyond fashion. We are planning more workshops, more online courses, and more webinars around topics of parenthood, birth, mental health, and well-being.

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