What is aromatherapy & why it is important …with Oilvida

Introducing the guide to using aromatherapy products effectively.

Aromatherapy is something fairly new to me and something I do not know a lot about. For me the idea of aromatherapy was just essential oils that smelt nice that I knew nothing about how they worked or their benefits.

We were lucky to meet the lovely founder of Spanish based brand Oilvida, Maria who creates products with beautifully sourced natural ingredients. For those like myself who are new to aromatherapy and its natural health benefits will gain a lot of useful information from our Q&A with founder Maria who has a wealth of knowledge on aromatherapy.

Maria discusses with us the various benefits she has found in her life using aromatherapy to resolve some of her medical issues. This feature showcases Maria’s personal experiences and her main tips for using her products and aromatherapy but these may not work for everyone and if you are experiencing medical issues please seek medical assistance.Follow Becky’s beautiful Paintings on her Instagram here

Over to Maria…

What is aromatherapy and what does it mean to you?

How did you get into it? Aromatherapy is a holistic healing that uses natural plant extracts to promote emotional and physical well-being. I call it forest medicine – aromatic botany to nourish the body, soul and her healing gardens of natural perfection. I started a couple years ago getting certified as an Aromatherapist with Angelic Reiki. I started for my own emotional well-being and healing, when I was going through difficult moments.

Why was luxury aromatherapy products the right business path for you?

My primary goal is to give the highest quality and help local suppliers. We are artesanal, 100% safe, sustainable and vegan. Oilvida is luxury aromatherapy exactly for this reason the purity and superior quality of first materials we use. Personally I always preferred better quality products, because of my sensitive skin. I’m saying it from my own experience, that I came across during multiple research of essential oil blends that didn’t help me when I needed it the most.

Instead it brought eczema, different allergies and skin irritations. Also the aroma was not long-lasting, natural, and didn’t help me with the headache or anxiety I was experiencing. For these reasons I think that luxury aromatherapy is the right business, because it reflects my values, experiences and it is a product that is still not existing in Europe and I guarantee you, once you try it out, you won’t be able to live without it, because it will become your best friend.

Where did the idea to start your aromatherapy business come from?

From there was born the idea, an oil that I couldn’t find for my own emotional well-being. I started to do a lot of research and tried a lot of oils until I found the perfect match, that was reflecting my brand values. Each blend took around 1- 2 years until I felt that the blend was a perfect aroma and balanced. Each product was made in a specific moment of my life that I was experiencing. It will sound funny, but I do believe that some people are here to help, heal us or wake us up from our daily routine and unhealthy habits. I can trespass emotions, love towards nature I have and feelings through the oils, this is my gift. I’ve been told a lot of times that oil is very personal, and yes it’s true, but my oils work in a manner not to be liked or to smell good, but to focus on a specific area. My ritual consists in asking permission to create that particular oil.

Once I go through the emotion I can already smell how the oil is supposed to be. I start to blend a lot, a lot of times and I change oils a lot of times until that smell doesn’t come out as needed. Oils helped my family, friends and more people started to ask me if I could sell them. From there the idea came to life, to help people on an emotional and physical level to connect with your surroundings and at the same time with Mother Earth. I’m not a doctor and I do not cure diseases, but I do prefer to try first, a natural option and work on myself that way then look at medical resolutions.

What are your top three products and how can our audience use them?

This is a very tough question. The most sold products are roll-on blends and spray blends. Each of them works something different and they are extreamply different from each other.

1) Abracadabra- is for stress relief, anxiety and when your brain doesn’t want to shut off. Is perfect for the office or before sleep, is like to have the best talk with Morfeo.

2) Mavericks- this is an energy bomb! Helps for migraine, muscle pain, allergies, asthma,blood circulation, perfect for digestion and when put on lips has a cooling effect. Is perfect for the stomach when you have pain or indigestion (is a must in the bag).

3) I AM- this oil was personally the hardest one to use, because it is very strong on the heart level and it moves everything from inside. It opens the heart chakra and pushes you to look deep inside of yourself. Is all about abundance, acceptance, self- love, self-respect. It changes you from inside and then you can notice how also people around you are changing towards you.

How to use…

Any roll-on make sure to shake well before using. Apply with 2 or 3 circular motions on pulse points (wrists and /or temples). After application, close your eyes and take a couple of slow deep breaths for 1-3min repeating the mantra.

What is next for you as a brand and where can our readers shop your products? I really hope that people can disconnect to reconnect with themself and to see the beauty of life. My purpose is to help people, but at the same time connect them with nature. My vision is to get international and to grow as a brand by bringing something unique and natural in the world of cosmetic / aromatherapy.  All products can be seen on www.oilvida-offical.com also doing oil blends on request or aromatherapy of 30 minutes to work on emotions.

Meaning of OILVIDA:

OIL (as oil)  – VIDA (life) = oil of life because mother earth is life

In Spanish OILVIDA means forget, as forget all the rest -be just in present in the moment here and now.

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