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During the winter of 2021 we were lucky enough to visit the De Pijp area of Amsterdam and it was definitely one of my favourite places we did visit during our stay. The lovely cafe’s, independent shops and the general vibe of the area was just lovely.

Today’s feature showcases one of the lovely independent brands in a gorgeous side street lined with leafy trees in Gerard Doustraat. Many more beautiful brands are housed on this street in the De Pijp area of the city.

Anna + Nina have a store on this street and as soon as I went in I went ‘aaah’ as it felt very homely and welcoming with each piece just looking like it belonged there and also in my house haha.

We have followed Anna + Nina on Instagram for a while as it is a brand that really inspires us and we thought what better way to show that than to showcase our favourite pieces on Anna + Nina at the moment!

I already cannot wait to be back in De Pijp and Amsterdam in the winter!

Here is our favourite pieces from Anna + Nina…

Uma Blouse in Lavender

The Uma Blouse from Anna & Nina is super flattering on all body types and can be worn in various styles. The colour is flattering on all skin tones and is a great investment piece as it can be worn throughout the whole year and can be dressed up or down for a day or night look.

The material of the shirt is just the right thickness for wearing during the summer. Maybe open with a nice crochet vest style top peeking through or worn as an undershirt for an over-vest which is how Anna + Nina have styled it on their website.

This UMA blouse comes in purple, white and a multi floral print. All of the blouses are absolutely divine and just screams summer with the flowing fabric it really is perfect for sunset dinners or strolls along the beach.

Fiordaliso Mesh Shirt

This shirt adds a splash of summer colour to your wardrobe for the times you’re wanting something bright and elegant.

Anna + Nina recommend sizing up in this shirt due to it running slightly small but nevertheless if you like a form fitting shirt with a beautiful design what is not to love.

This can be worn in various ways, particularly as a co-ord with the skirt from the same collection with the same design. I personally love the two together and I would style it with various pieces of colourful but dainty jewellery pieces that don’t take the shine away from the look itself. Maybe it would also be nice to use the shirt as a base and throw a fun white tee over the top and have the mesh sleeves peeping out!

Flower Parade Pyjama Top

Never have I ever seen a pyjama top that I feel like is a lovely quality and also wearable outside of nightwear and the home. The delicate embroidery gives the top a very high class feel and one I would be more than happy to throw on with some straight leg jeans and a nice sandal in the summer.

These pyjamas can be worn as a set with the corresponding shorts for a day lounging about the house. But personally my opinion is that nightwear can be worn outside of the home and particularly this shirt from Anna + Nina, I would be more than happy to be seen out in my pyjamas if they looked like this!

Vogue Cherry Blossoms Puzzle 

This vintage VOGUE jigsaw is everything. The design itself feels super luxury even though it literally comes in thousands of pieces and you have to try and put the the beauty together, which I do not think I have the patience for but we still love this nevertheless.

This is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone and just puts you in the most relaxing mood therefore giving you time to be away from technology / the digital world and being present focusing on the task without any distractions.

Anna + Nina are home to so many lovely puzzles but for me the VOGUE ones have the edge. It makes you feel like you are creating a lovely antique photo (if you have the patience to finish it haha).

Check-In Cards

When browsing the Anna + Nina website I came across these cards and at first I wondered how you play it. Until I realised these are no game at all.

These cards are designed for you to be able to have a deep conversation with yourself about how you are feeling. Some of the cards you can write on to truly express your feelings. Others you can take around and keep with you for when you resonate with a certain emotion on the card.

I thought these were a lovely idea and a lovely gift for yourself for the times when emotions take over and you want to express your feelings in a more solitary way.

These are available in English and Dutch.

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