A Christmas Q&A with Lepel Club

An introduction to their new product and shopping with Lepel Club this holiday season…

Homewares are always a good gift idea. Whether that be for yourself or for a loved one. Whoever you are buying for there is always a good homeware piece for them. Whether they are interested in colour, neutral tones, sparkle etc you name it.

There is a homeware out there for everybody. After following the journey of one specific homeware brand this year Lepel Club have released a new product just in time for the holiday season. The new pearl spoon is here to add some sparkle to your kitchen cutlery collection. Forget boring silver tea spoons to stir your morning tea and coffee. Now think of Lepel Club’s spoon collection and other homeware beauties.

We love that Lepel Club add some chic-ness into your life without breaking the bank too heavily at the same time. All items on their website at the moment are at a luxury whilst under £30. Over to Jill to hear about how you can incorporate some sparkle from Lepel Club into your life. (You don’t realise you need it ’til you have it)

Over to Jill…

What inspired your newest product, the Pearl Spoon?

I wanted to create the most elegant spoon that ever exists. To create a gift for the socialite whose spoon collection is never complete.

Do you believe that homewares as Christmas gifts are on the rise this year?

I do think so! As we have spent the last few years more time at home due to the pandemic, people really value beautiful homeware objects. At Lepelclub we love to make presents!

What would you recommend our readers to buy if you could only recommend one?

Hard choice! I would go for the heart-shaped spoons. For some cuteness to your morning routine. They are an addition for everyone that didn’t know they needed. They become your new best friend

What would you say would be the perfect secret Santa gift from Lepel Club?

I would go for something pearly. Our pearl cocktail glasses or pearl spoons. It’s really festive and classic with a touch of pearls!

What is next in 2023 for Lepel Club?

So much is coming. This is only the beginning! I want to work out all my ideas and create the most beautiful designs that ever exist. Watch this space…

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