Lepelclub: Making tableware chic

Time to add some Lepelclub into your dining experiences…

On first thought a brand specialising in spoons is not something I had ever heard of. But we were so glad we came across one that started with spoons and soon became a chic tableware brand with Instagram photos to die for.

Lepelclub is a brand we are so excited about and we can see this brand becoming a staple brand for all your tableware needs and definitely ours too. For hosting dinner parties for the moments you need to show off your best pieces or for just quiet time for yourself and whoever to treat yourselves to the best tableware for any occasion. Lepelclub has something for everyone and can make the most average/mundane meal into something super fancy and chic with just the tableware then making it a fabulous affair with the addition of a pearlescent glass or chic cutlery.

We spoke to founder Jill on how she found herself in creating such a photogenic brand with scope to creating beautiful tablewares that look perfect in any dining situation or Instagram feed. We are excited to share our first tableware brand on our website and what better than one so beautiful like Lepelclub

Over to Jill

You are the first tableware brand to feature on GDA, why did you decide to create
this style of homewares?

The idea of Lepelclub started at one of my favourite boutique hotels in Amsterdam,
Morgan and Mees. When sipping a coffee out of a gold mug, I noticed the mismatch
with their silver spoon. This made me realize that there wasn’t any nice spoon out
there. So, I decided to design them myself, and Lepelclub was born! The reason
behind the name? Lepel stands for spoon in Dutch.

Your products are aesthetically pleasing and have featured in some lovely
photographs on social media what does it mean to you to see your products being

This is incredible and something I will never get used to! There is nothing that makes
me as happy as seeing my designs being ordered and used worldwide. Also, the
followers of Lepelclub are the best at making content. It’s insane!

What was the inspiration behind the designs of your tablewares?

I get my inspiration from everywhere, but I get the most inspired during traveling. I
keep everything from magazines to postcards and little notes. Moreover, I recently
launched a not-so-regular cocktail glass and this idea came to mind when I brought a
visit to Fotografiska in New York. I fell in love with the artwork of the Australian artist
Prue Stent and Honey Long. Which made me decide to drink pearls! Also, new
designs are en route, s(p)oon more!

What made you expand your collection from creating just spoons to a full collection?

I just have too many ideas, I literally can’t sleep over this! I want to stir things up by
creating beautiful designs that make people happy. A destination of designs that you
save on when you move out for the first time, for all your gifts, or when you want to
buy yourself something special.

What product excites you the most and where do you plan to take Lepelclub in the

I worked for a long time on the design of our cocktail glass. We shot the campaign for
this collection at a boutique hotel in Antwerpen. A place that I would describe as
forgotten glory with a touch of romance, it just all felt in place. Two new designs will
be launched before Christmas, those are pretty exciting as well! 
And about my dreams, do you have some time left? 😉 As I dream pretty big. Let’s say
that this is just the beginning. I believe that it all starts with speaking your goals out
loud. Hereby, to create a not-so-regular collection and for Lepelclub to be available at
the biggest department stores worldwide!

To improve your tableware collection with Lepelclub click here

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