How to care for your plants with Baski Plantwear

Introducing our plants new best friend.

Ever since we started our Founder Favourites each Wednesday on our Instagram (@galeriedeaims) we have discovered some lovely global brands that deserved more exposure than they have. Our founder Aimee sources various brands and people each week that inspire us or we want to give more notice too.

One of these was the lovely dutch brand Baski, founded by Freek Jautze. The brand creating luxury plant-wear for your lovely leafy friends. Freek was kind enough to send us two Baskis to try out to dress our plants at home. We chose the Organic Shapes and the Green Chess Baskis. These arrived quickly and in good condition. Since then our plants have never looked so good.

We wanted to ask Freek for his top tips on how to care for your plants during the summer months. Whilst keeping them looking good wearing Baski’s.

We cannot wait for you to see more content we have created with our Baski’s. They are too photogenic not to take constant photos!

Over to Freek…

What are your biggest tips for keeping your plants the healthiest in the summer?

Look out for the sun! Like people, plants can burn as well when the sun is too much. Keep an eye on your green friends and put them in the shadow when it gets too much sunlight.

How did the idea to create Baski’s come along?

In 2019, Freek Jautze founded Baski for plant owners. The idea was born to dress up plants in the style you like. As expanding your own style towards the plants around you.

The designs of Baski’s are very minimalistic and fit anywhere, why did you go down this route?

We believe it’s important to surround yourself with plants. So why don’t we dress up our plants like we dress up ourselves, in our daily life? It’s about creating your own identity. We love designs that can be used for a long period of time, and can fit all kinds of different people and interiors. They are easy to mix and match according to your mood. We like to offer a wide range of designs so that everyone will find something that suits their personality.

What is the best plant advice you can give our readers?

Do not overwater your plants. When you are not sure if your plant has gotten enough water, it is better to stop watering them, too much water will rot the roots. 

The Galerie of Baski

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