Improving your space with candles and houseplants

A guide to creating your best balanced space with houseplants and candles.

After reading a book lately that has changed my life about living a balanced life according to the Swedish term ‘Lagom’ (pronounced Lah-gom) which is the art of living a balanced life. Part of the book shows how you can improve your space at your home.

With this in mind, this feature was born and I thought to collaborate the element of Lagom and independent businesses by creating a feature with many independents to shop when wanting to add something to your space.


Houseplants can be the ultimate pick me up for your spaces. Houseplants are not just something pretty. They can create a healthy space and some can release oxygen in the night and can purify the air.

Where to shop?

A Slower Space: Located on Penny Lane is home to some of the most beautiful houseplants that are perfect for all areas of the home. Owners Michelle and Mike are extremely knowledgable on how to care for your plants to get the most out of them in your space at home. Each of the plants at A Slower Space are truly unique and each of them create a lovely space and environment to surround yourself in. My personal favourite plants here are the ‘Maranta Fascinator’ and the ‘Cheese Plants’!

Root Houseplants: located in the beautiful historic Bluecoat Courtyard in the city centre. Founder Lisa is extremely knowledgable of all the plants and everything you need to know about caring for the plants. My personal favourite plants from Root for sprucing up for space are the String of Pearls and the ‘Rock’ plant. Root Houseplants is home to some of the most beautiful houseplants and it is unbelievable how much plants can change your space.


Candles are not just for the Autumn/Winter season and that is something that I think people forget and with the candle giants about, sometimes the independents are overlooked. This is something that I think should change as the independents create such beautiful scents and use such good ingredients like Soy Wax for example.

Where to shop?

To the Moon: To the Moon creates beautiful scented candles, diffusers and wax melts! Handcrafted by Jess here in Liverpool each scent is truly stunning and creates a gorgeous ambience in any environment. My personal favourites are the Cosmic Lavender and Snuggle Up! If you want your space smelling good enough to eat then meet To the Moon! If I was you I would support to the moon as Jess works extremely hard to create such beautiful products and that she has definitely achieved! Even better one tree is planted every time a To the Moon purchase is made! How good is that?

Wxy: Wxy create scented candles that are sustainable and completely made with Soy Wax. The clean cut aesthetic and fresh scents make for a great gift and a great scent for opening and freshening up your space. I recently purchased the ‘Haze’ scent for my boyfriend and wow as soon as it arrived the scent was released and the room smelt vibrant and fresh but not overpowering! I would recommend Wxy if you are looking for a candle that screams luxury without the price tag!

Kip Candles: Kip candles are amazing to brighten up any space with a highly fragrant scent. The miniature sundown candle I am fortunate enough to have in my bedroom creates such a cosy environment. The great thing about Kip Candles is the ratio of wax and scent, the brand uses high quality oils in their candles. You can purchase them at A Slower Space and they make the shop smell beautiful 24/7!



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