Food Sounds Liverpool: The impact of local music in lockdown.

Meet the sounds of Food Sounds Liverpool with Chris Ando, a local music
connoisseur here in Liverpool.

Food Sounds Liverpool is the brainchild of Chris and Rachel, a side hustle from their usual day to day roles running the successful Lifestyle Collective and The Shop of Ando.

The sounds side of the popular Instagram account is down to Chris whereas Rachel takes care of the food side. A corresponding feature will follow with Rachel in the near future.

Chris did a Q&A with galerie de aims magazine about how the sounds of Liverpool have allowed him to discover more artists and excited him and Food Sounds into the reopening of venues soon… (hopefully!)

Over to Chris…

What music in the city got you through the countless lockdowns here in England?

‘During lockdown 1 I had more time at home so I found myself discovering and enjoying so much more new music. I’ve really enjoyed discovering more talented musicians from Liverpool like @chinatownslalom , @ostrichtheband, @saraw0lff @mcnels0n and @moon.wun.

what changed for you music wise in lockdown? Have you found any new artists or podcasts?

It was a mixture of both discovering new music and finding the enjoyment again of re-listening to the back catalogues of artists I love. I found it a real comfort to listen back to music that I’ve loved for many years as I know I’m going to enjoy every minute of the experience. I’m sure we all needed that feeling of comfort during the lockdowns to get us through them and to have that escapism. That’s how powerful music can be.

What are you most excited for coming out of lockdown in the UK?

It has to be live music venues being reopened. When something like live music is taken away I realise how much of the experience I have missed. Being around friends and like minded strangers who are there to see one of their favourite musicians or even discovering them for the first time.

Music suffered massively during COVID, what events and venues are you excited to visit?

It’s looking like it’s going to be a busy/expensive but hugely fun year this year with gigs starting up again. I’ve already got tickets to see @scottmatthewsofficial at @leafonboldst in October and 2 gigs on the same weekend this July seeing @lorisandthelion with @saraw0lff and @greentangerinesband with loads more at the amazing @quarryliverpool. I’m looking to secure a ticket for the father of Ethio-jazz Mulatu Astatke at @24kitchenstreet.

Liverpool is undeniably one of the best music cities, how are you involved in the Liverpool music scene?

 I was lucky enough to join the new @svararadio last year here in Liverpool to be a part of a real family of support for local DJs. The thrill of being given my own monthly show ‘Dinner Hour’ to play music to an audience of other music fans. The excitement that comes with that is I’m given the chance to introduce the audience to music they might never have heard of. I also DJ for the collective @antisocialjazzclub playing vinyl only at @themerchantliverpool every Sunday night. That again gives me the buzz of playing out a new record I love to a new audience and the extra enjoyment of seeing how many phones are held up with Shazam on.



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