City Colourist Liverpool: Lydia on her hair tips to live your best hair life.

Lydia Brobbin, the City Colourist here in Liverpool. Lydia talks to us on how to make your hair look the best it possibly can!

With the summer months in full swing the summer hair for me in particularly consists of sunglasses on my head and trying to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny as possible. I personally find that the summer makes my hair dryer and much more hard to manage when it is hot and unmanageable.

My hair saviour is Lydia, known as the City Colourist here in Liverpool. She has completely transformed my hair from a long bob to now curtain bangs which I think is now my go to style.

Lydia often gives the best tips for how to maintain your hair in a healthy way and therefore this feature was born. galerie de aims magazine spoke to Lydia about her tips for maintaining healthy hair and what other treatments are available at her salon, Simply Beauty!

Over to Lydia…

Meet Lydia… known as

City Colourist Liverpool

I started off as a assistant in a salon in Selfridges in the Trafford centre back in 2014 then moving to there Liverpool city centre salon in 2016.

I quickly realised I had found my dream job, it allowed me to be creative, make people look and feel great and connect with people everyday. 

After 6 years in the industry I decided to leave the salon company I worked for and go off on my own. This gave me the freedom to work with new amazing brands and give my clients a more detailed one to one salon experience when in my chair. 

 What are your most recommended methods for fixing dry & damaged hair? 

‘Less heat, and always use heat protection when using heated equipment and of course the amazing Olaplex no.3 helps repair and restore all hair types’.

Do heat protectors work? & if so which ones do you recommend? 

‘100% , products containing heat protection  help protect your hair by creating a barrier on your hair shaft helping guard against high levels of heat that can cause damage. I love Kérastase Ciment Thermique apply to damp hair before drying’.

What products you would recommend to keep your hair healthy & shiny? 

‘I love to use Moroccan Oil (Original Treatment) this helps hydrate and add shine to the hair.  You can apply to damp hair before drying and to dry hair between washes’.

What are your top tips for how often hair should be getting cut/ maintained? 

‘I recommend regular hair cuts every 6-9 weeks. Hair gets weaker the longer it grows which results in breakage and frayed ends, regular trims help maintain your hairs health and strength. I would say 6 weeks for clients wanting to maintain a certain style and 9 weeks for clients wanting to grow their hair’.

 Products or ingredients you would avoid using on your hair? 

‘The main one to avoid is products containing high levels of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS), too much sulfate can lead to damage on your hair follicles and weaken the hair structure this is found in cheap shampoos’.

Do you recommend hair masks/ oils? If so which ones? and are homemade masks any good?) 

My go to mask is Kérastase Resistance Force Architecte when my hair is in some need of TLC, home made masks are great for clients with sensitivitys or simply prefer the natural approach’.

What else can the they find at Simply Beauty?

You can find the majority of hair and beauty treatments at simply beauty. Rachel Rea the salon owner is a pro when it comes to nails, waxing, and relaxing facials. Nicola @wearerefreshstudio for your Hollywood smile teeth whitening & plasma pen treatments.

You can find out more about Simply Beauty here


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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