Aloe Earrings: Introducing their new Summer collection.

Over to Alice and Chloe on the release of their new summer collection that is taking the accessories world by storm!

Aloe Earrings by Alice and Chloe are becoming a force to be reckoned with. The gorgeous handmade earrings are the perfect gift for yourself or others. The latest collection boasts beautiful colours in resin and clay and truly makes for the perfect summer accessory.

Aloe Earrings are definitely one to watch in the accessories world and I am so excited to introduce their new summer collection.

Over to Alice and Chloe…

The new summer collection is so beautiful, where did you find your inspirations?

‘We are always looking for new ways to work with polymer clay and explored using mosaic techniques and adding a summery shimmer finish. Nature is always a big inspiration and we both really love styles with the sun & moon charms’.

My personal favourites are anything with terrazzo! I love it! What are your favourites?

We love the triple gold sun charm mini hoops and the mosaic pastel clay studs.’

 Aloe seems to be growing day by day, what are your plans for the winter season?

‘We honestly haven’t thought that far ahead yet but we always get super excited about our winter drop, there will be lots of hand poured glitter  resin for sure and some gorgeous wintery clay colours’.

Your motto is ‘decorate your ears’ what are your favourite designs to create?

‘We just love making new designs, we often find really hard to narrow down our collections. Markets are really fun for us as we make lots of exclusives!’

Who would be your perfect collaboration? The one with Utility looks amazing!

‘Oo good question! Maybe an amazing local illustrator so we could work on a colour palette and pattern ideas together and then they could illustrate the collection and really bring it to life!’

You can shop the new summer collection here



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