Meet Aloe Earrings, the accessories brand changing the game.

Meet Alice and Chloe, the founders of the ever successful Aloe Earrings.

Liverpool is home to some beautiful independent shops, bars and restaurants. Luckily for me I get to work at and collaborate with many indies.

Liverpool has some fabulous fashion brands, Aloe Earrings being one of the them. Founded by Alice and Chloe, their accessories brand has gone from strength to strength.

The two founders spoke to galerie de aims magazine about their journey as successful jewellery designers.

Over to Alice and Chloe…

How did you start creating the ALOE collection? 

Travel and fashion brought us together 10 years ago in Amsterdam whilst studying Fashion Design & Marketing. After a decade of friendship and working within the fashion industry as Designers for the high street we decided to have some fun and create our own indie brand making gorgeous earrings we love to wear. Aloë was born poolside on a holiday together in Madrid in 2019.

What tips would you give someone starting out in jewellery making? 

Tips for any small business would be do what you love and find someone to do it with who you think is great then you’ll never work a day in your life.

What are your both favourite products from your collection? 

So hard to choose! Alice’s current fave is Chunky Square Tortoiseshell Dangle & Drop Earrings Chloe’s fave is 24k Gold Plated Black Clay Crescent Moon Hoops.

where can the galerie de aims mag readers find your earrings? A slower space

Utility. Merseymade

Curated Makers

Downstairs Design. Mockingbird

Flavour Like Fancy. Atika. House of Zana.

What are you excited for with your brand?

We’re excited for growth and the future!

You can shop the Aloe Earrings collection here


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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