how to amplify your autumn outfits with loopy accessories

Here is my guide for how to amplify your Autumn outfits using Loopy London Accessories.

Autumn weather is definitely upon us and I love it! The colder weather, the hot chocolates, the crisp leaves and the cosy autumn outfits. I am here for it! I love summer and I wish it lasted so much longer but since that cold weather hit we’ve had this week I am excited for Autumn outfit goodness!

In August I was made an Ambassador for the female run jewellery and accessories brand LOOPY LONDON and oh my god I love working with them! The earrings are fun and individual and nothing I have seen on the accessories market before.

I currently own 5 pairs of LOOPY earrings and they were my go to accessories on my recent holiday and as they are all bright colours they were perfect for summer looks but I have realised that the LOOPY earrings are so versatile for all times of the year, especially Autumn when our outfits could do with a pop of colour and LOOPY accessories do just that!

Here are my ways to style LOOPY accessories with your Autumn outfits…

Mini Mint Pom Hoops: These are some of my favourite earrings I own. They are so dainty and fun in one cute pom pom package. In the Autumn I think these Mint Pom Hoops would look beautiful paired with white wide leg trousers ( Yes, you can wear white in Autumn!) and a light coloured shirt or a dark blouse. Additionally you could easily match the earrings to a green/blue toned top to accentuate the mint look.

Mini Mint Pom Hoops

Multi Pom Hoops:

The Multi Pom Hoops are so fun, perfect for festivals (when we can go to them!!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in the Autumn like I plan to do.

For a day outfit I would wear these with a graphic tee with similar colours to the earrings and any style of jeans or even a statement trouser.

For the evening I would suggest maybe a LBD but adding the Multi Pom Hoops would give a fun twist to a seemingly ‘basic but beautiful’ outfit. Additionally, I would wear a block colour shoe with this outfit to keep it fun, which is what LOOPY London is all about.

Multi Pom Hoops

Green Flutter Hoops:

A pair of LOOPY earrings I kept going back to on holiday were the Green Flutter Hoops and I continue to do so for the Autumn season. I think that these earrings would look great with so many outfits as they add a glitter effect without being too overt. However, when light hits the earrings it lets off the most beautiful glow.

I think these earrings would look amazing with denim. Maybe a denim Boiler Suit or denim dress. I think these earrings add a statement to any outfit even though they are only dainty. These Green Flutter Hoops give a small piece of sparkle for those who don’t like anything too much!

Green Flutter Hoops

Multi Bead Hoops:

The Multi Bead Hoops are perfect hooped earrings for those who want only a small subtle amount of colour for their accessories. I really love the Multi Bead Hoops for adding a small amount of colour without being too much. These earrings are a perfect alternative if the Multi Pom Hoops are too bold for you!

I think this pair of earrings would look great with any outfit but particularly block colour like a maybe a crisp white shirt and straight leg trousers with a faux fur coat in maybe a red tone. I find that the Multi Bead Hoops are perfect for any occasion and I can’t wait to style them in the Autumn.

Multi Bead Hoops

I am so excited to see what Loopy London has to offer for the Autumn/Winter season and beyond! These are my ideas on how to style Loopy Accessories but they are so versatile and would look good in so many ways!

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