Why the new Loopy London ‘drops’ collection is one of their best yet…

This is one of the girls best collections yet and they’re here to tell us all about it…

Loopy London is a firm favourite amongst us at galerie de aims and luckily enough I am an ambassador for Loopy London and I am proud to call myself a Loopy Lady.

Well the Loopy Ladies are back with their newest collection called ‘Drops’ and you can hear all about here from the Loopy Ladies Georgia and Millie themselves,

Over to you girls…

 The new collection is so beautiful, what inspired the new designs?

Millie: The new collection was created in an attempt to branch out from our usual colourful and funky style. We wanted to design pieces that contrasted with our previous statement collections, opening up the Loopy product offering to ensure we had a pair to suit every Loopy Lover for every occasion.

Georgia: ‘We also wanted to launch a new collection during lockdown to cheer everyone up and to brighten up long winter days. The drops are extremely versatile and can be worn for any occasion, but they’re particularly great to funk up an outfit when your stuck on zoom cameras #wfh everyday!’

 I love every single piece from the new collection but what are your favourites? 

Georgia: I’m a fan of the huggies but Millie prefers the square ones! The huggies make perfect second piercing earrings but the squares are particularly striking – we haven’t seen anyone else selling pieces like them!

Millie: Oooo that is a hard one, My favourites would have to be the midnight blue drops. They go with absolutely everything and have already got so many compliments when wearing them out and about on lockdown walks! With lockdown hopefully lifting this summer they will also be the perfect thing to wear alongside a summer wardrobe.

 The new collection is super versatile, what would you style the new pieces with?

Millie: When designing the collection we wanted to make sure it was suitable for everyday wear, compared to our previous ranges which are much more statement in style. I love that this Drop collection is much more intricate and subtle.  They can be worn for main piercings and seconds as there is the option to just buy a singular hoop. Alternatively they were designed to be your go to pair of hoops that are comfy and can wear whatever the day or season. They are perfect thing to add some spice to your staple WFH throw ons or equally work just as well when you feel the need to dress up.

Georgia: I’m always looking for ways to spice up my “above the keyboard dressing” – my job involves several zoom meetings each day and it’s difficult to find new things to wear when it’s just your top half on show! I love wearing the new collection – a different pair each day! They’re office safe but stylish too! Read more about “above the keyboard dressing” here – trend forecasters say it’ll be the key style focus for fashion companies in 2021!

How long has it taken to develop the new collection? 

Georgia: We started initial plans and ideas over a year ago. Sadly, we both became very busy with finals and then Covid hit so things were put on hold. It became a bit of a project to distract us from everything else that was happening and a fun way to keep us busy and creating. 

Millie: We always have so many ideas for new products and we find it tricky to work out which idea to do first! We tend to bounce ideas back and forth and then I will draw up the initial designs while Georgia is queen of making the designs happen, working out what materials we need and where we can source them from. We like to buy our materials from UK suppliers to save on airmiles. We then work out a marketing strategy with the help of our graphic designer @jemmachatwin_ who has created an incredible range of gifs and graphics to assist the launch of this collection. It is always a real team effort.

I love being an ambassador for Loopy,  what are you excited for with Loopy London?

Georgia: There’s always something exciting going on! We were so disappointed not to be able to go to Boardmasters festival last summer because of Covid, but we hope to have some in-person sales again before too long! We really miss meeting our customers and as we love introducing our funky products to new Loopy Lads and Ladies and meeting you all.

Millie: We have been working on some super exciting designs and collections and have a lot in the pipeline being sampled. We are still unsure what this summer will look like but we have prepared a mixture of things so fingers crossed some can be taken into production and some plans will go ahead. I really miss organising our Loopy Events from Photoshoots, pop-ups and collaborations. I miss working with other creatives and our ambassadors on fun projects. This is definitely something I am excited about looking forward after Lockdown.

To shop the new Loopy collection click here

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