My Anonymous Love Letter

By Anonymous

To you, the moment I knew. When you stroked my arm even though it was covered in red dots. When you held me close even though my back was bleeding into your top.
When I woke up at three crying in pain and you sat up with me forgetting you had uni in a few hours. When you put cream on my back every night through lockdown. When you handed me paracetamol and water to calm down the burning without me asking.
When you told me you loved me back. When the spots went away and you still loved me the same. I have never met someone so wonderful and selfless who looks for inner beauty and takes people exactly as they are. You allowed me to be my most vulnerable self and then you helped me blossom without pitying me or thinking you’re a hero.
I hope to always give you my best, i knew even back then and I’m all that more sure now.


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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