Basic to chic… using the right accessories.

How to make a basic outfit better with the right accessories. All these accessories are by independent brands by amazing ladies!

As much as I think basic outfits are timeless and chic, sometimes I find that the right accessories can completely make what looks like a rather plain outfit become even more beautiful with the right accessories.

These are some of my favourite products by amazing independently female led brands.

Delilah band BY DEMOO JEANS

This embellished headpiece in gold pairs perfectly with jeans and a plain white tee which can look chic anyway but to bring it more into a look for the evening I would add this Demoo headpiece and a heeled sandal with gold detailing to match.


Bucket hats are very on trend at the moment and they can look very stylish if you style them correctly! I love this one by Ruby Designs Online as it is quite an out-there print but looks great paired with a more basic outfit.

I would pair this beautiful bucket hat with either denim shorts or jeans, a white tee or a Bardot top and converse in white or black.

Sunglasses chain by loopy london

There are many misconceptions about sunglasses chains like them being only for the elderly which is definitely not the case! This sunglasses chain from Loopy London is perfect for adding a pop of colour to your sunglasses! The right sunglasses chain can look super classic and stylish!

This chain from Loopy London would look amazing with any outfit as sunglasses can make any outfit chic.

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