Here is Adam & Neve’s new Bits and Bobs accessories collection and how I would personally style them.

Since I started galerie de aims one of my aims was to give small businesses the opportunity to discuss their brands and collections old or new. Since I started in this blog in May 2020 I have worked with so many independent brands on creating blog post Q&As and promotional features.

This time I have spoke to Adam & Neve on their brand new accessories collection! (Is there anything these guys can’t do!) You can view previous Adam & Neve features here

Adam & Neve’s mission has always been to focus on keeping all production sustainable. Their new Bits n bobs collection consists of Earrings, Socks and Hairbands.

Here is all the information about the new Adam & Neve Bits & Bobs Collection and how I personally would style them.


All the Earrings in this collection are made to order using polymer clay with no waste method as they want to keep them as sustainable as possible. The Earrings are all created with stainless steel or sterling silver. What I love about this new earring collection is that each earring is sold individually rather than a set so you mix and match any earrings you want to keep it individually you!

Adam & Neve have struck gold with their business and earring cards are all created using seed paper which you can plant after purchase and grow beautiful flowers which is such a great idea!

I personally think that these earrings need to be seen so what you wear with them is important so you can show off the earrings to their full potential. I think I would personally style each of these earrings with a hair up style and with pretty basic clothes like a white shirt and a straight leg pair of jeans. I would also match a part of my makeup with a colour from the earrings to accentuate the look. For example, maybe a red lipstick to match the strawberry or lobster earrings!


All of the Adam & Neve Socks are made from ethically and environmentally grown cotton. They use less water and no chemicals. 
Each design is embroidered with a home embroidery machine a sock at a time. Each of the designs is so carefully thought out by the two designers.

I would personally wear these socks with a mini skirt and boots or trainers to show off the socks and their fabulous prints.

Hair bands 

Made with leftover, waste or upcycled materials are all used to hand cut and create each scrunchie, which means once each material is gone we will never make it again. The insides are made from elastic and recycled polyester.

Scrunchies are some of the only hair accessories I actually love wearing and they are timeless and can amplify your hair and look overall!

I would wear the Adam and Neve scrunchies with pieces that match the colours in the scrunchie to accentuate the look.

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