Introducing Beanie Hats- the new collection from Adam and Neve

galerie de aims gives a sneak peek into the new beanie collection from Adam and Neve

Beanie hats are something that we all have at least one that we always go back to using. With the weather in the UK is that temperamental that a beanie hat is something won’t be going away anytime soon. Adam and Neve never fail to impress us when they launch new products and this one is no different. Their new Beanie Hat range showcases minimalistic colours with some pretty illustrations at the front.

Each embroidered design on each hat was designed in-house by Adam and Niamh. Additionally, each beanie from Adam and Neve can be worn perfectly with the other collections they have.

Each beanie is amazing quality and ethically sourced. So what is not to love. We spoke to co-founder Niamh on why beanies seemed like the right move for their business…

Over to Niamh…

Why did you choose the style of designs you went for?

We wanted to embroidered cartoon style beanies, as we felt as though, it was something we really wanted to own but struggled to find fun and colourful ones. We also were super aware that our audience had been asking for logo and monochrome styles so we decided to add those into our hats.

Why did you decide that hats were the next step for Adam and Neve, did you see the rise in the popularity of hats and thought it was a good next step for your brand?

We want to expand our brand into other items and had actually been asked about beanies before so we decided to take the leap and transfer our sock embroidery skills onto beanies. We are sustainable, which is amazing for the environment but can be expensive to produce and sell, so we also wanted to bring more smaller items so that there are more affordable options too.

Why did you decide to keep such a small collection of hats, was it quality over quantity?

It is 100% quality over quantity. We think that 4 perfect and fun designs is better than more half hearted, not as thought out products.

Do you plan to release new designs and styles of hats in the future and what is next for you guys?

We could definitely expand the designs in the future, but we are currently working on our next spring and summer releases which are really good (if I say so myself haha) !

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