So many people including myself have considered the idea of starting their own etsy shop. (More information about mine & my dads new Etsy shop coming in a feature later this month hehe!)

Akebia is a brand I came across on Instagram and I contacted them in request of this Q&A as I thought it would be helpful to show my readers on here some information about what Akebia’s main tips would be for starting a successful Etsy shop and why they started in the first place.

Onto the Q&A… you can shop AKEBIA here : ETSY

What made you start Akebia? what does Akebia mean? & why did you choose the name Akebia?

My first question was pretty much three mini questions in one!

‘We started Akebia through a mutual love for neutral styles and colourways. We also just saw a gap in the market for more gender neutral pieces, especially bags. The name itself was based on the Akebia plant, which can grow these little cream coloured petals growing along the green stem. We just felt it was a natural embodiment of our taste in colour and a more understated lifestyle.’

what are your favourite products in your collection? 

‘At the moment we only have three products, each with different colourways, so it’s tough to choose a favourite! We specifically wanted three bags, each with their own identity and function. We have the Workaday Tote, which is amazing for utility. A larger bag able to hold more, with genuine comfort. We love the Mustard piece and I’d say that’s been the customer favourite up to now, just.’

 what are your inspirations for your designs & where do you find inspirations? 

‘We love the styles present in fashion at the moment which represent versatility and utility. Practical and comfortable pieces using colourways that can work with almost any outfit.

We don’t claim to be sustainability trailblazers, but we do believe wholeheartedly in making pieces last and getting as much as you can from them. Any of our bags can be used by any gender and across many pieces in your wardrobe. Gone are the days of buying new outfits all the time, you get creative with what you have.’

why did you choose Etsy as your main selling outlet? 

‘Etsy just seemed a great place to start for us. A community of people that we felt would absolutely love our bags. We wanted to be customer facing and test the waters without a proper website first. Our home at the moment is social media, where we’re super present on Instagram and Pinterest mainly. Etsy is our store front and we’re super excited to grow there, with or without a website.’

what are your 3 biggest tips for starting a successful Etsy shop? 

The first would be to make your brand a BRAND. Give your Etsy Store bags of character and personality that reflects you and your business. Make sure you visit your own store regularly from a customers perspective and come away thinking, “that’s a really cool brand, I’ll follow them on Insta”.

Second tip would definitely be to make sure you’re using plenty of relevant keywords. Etsy is a busy, busy place nowadays, so your customers need to be connected to you through the Etsy algorithm. It’s just about making sure you’re standing out from the crowd and all of the foundations are in place so you can focus on what you do best.

Our third and final nugget of advice would be to get amongst communities as a customer as well as a business owner. Go and buy from other Etsy stores, follow their Instagram pages, message them and say how amazing they are. Ask about their journey. Just because they’re business owners, it doesn’t mean they can’t be customers too.

Don’t forget to shop AKEBIA here.

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