10 songs from Indies as recommended by Chris Ando.

As recommended by Chris Anderson, Radio DJ, Co-Founder of FoodSoundsLpl and Music connoisseur.

Chris Anderson and his love of music has seriously helped us expand our music and he was kind enough to share with us 10 of his favourite songs at the moment.

Chris shares all the latest, favourites and upcoming music on his radio show at SVARA radio. An independent radio station based in the heart of the city. For those not local to Liverpool, we highly recommend it. It is here

We have curated these into a playlist below:

Chris says, ‘I am glad to be compiling a playlist of new music from some of my favourite artists including local and worldwide musicians. There’s a mixture of genres in this playlist with standout new music from Liverpool rapper MC Nelson collaborating with Brad Stank to a brand new 2021 release of an alternative take from Karen Dalton’s 1971 classic Something on Your Mind’.

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