Denmark guide: a happy life & copenhagen city guide

Denmark has been a country on my bucket list for so long now and for so many reasons including the beauty of the country, the way of life and the focus on living a life complete with happiness.

When deciding on writing a feature all about Denmark I couldn’t think of anyone with more amazing useful knowledge of beautiful Denmark than my friend Laurie, founder of and who recently relocated to Denmark for work!

I asked Laurie her what she loves the most about living a happy and fulfilled life in Denmark and her favourite places in Copenhagen.

Firstly… Vejle & Billund:

Vejle is Denmark’s 5th largest city and is the perfect combination of coast and forest, as Vejle has a beautiful danish pine forest and a beach! What more could you want?

Vejle is not too far from the town of Billund which is known to be the birthplace of Lego and is now home to the Lego theme park which is obviously extremely popular according to Laurie as during our interview Laurie was on the bus with very excited kids and parents heading to Legoland.

Museumsgaarden Karensminde in Billund is another great attraction if you are in the area. This historical attraction allows you to get an insight into danish heritage and history through showing how they would work on farms during the 18th and 19th Centuries. At the Museumsgaarden Karensminde you can make traditional danish painted eggs and even jam!


Laurie visited Copenhagen recently and she could not recommend it more! After hearing all about Laurie’s trip to Copenhagen it has made me want to visit even more!

A place to stay… Laurie highly recommended the SP34 Hotel which was a boutique style hotel but at a very good price. This hotel was located in an artsy area of the city and is perfect for quirky cafes and hipster shops. This hotel has a particularly good breakfast selection of continental options like pastries and fruit etc. All of the food in the breakfast restaurant is pre-portioned which is great for less waste and its organic… even better!

At the hotel between 5 and 6 pm there was a ‘Wine Hour’ at the hotel were you could have White Wine, Red Wine and Port. This was a good opportunity to meet other guests at the hotel to discuss places to see and go in Copenhagen!

Places to visit & Things to do…

Laurie recommended visiting the bronze Little Mermaid Statue in Langelinie Pier in Copenhagen as it is a must see attraction as it is such a beautiful monument inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s novel.

Jazz Music is such a huge part of Danish culture and can be heard all over Copenhagen in bars and theatres. However, Laurie recommended going on a Jazz Cruise (something I didn’t know existed) but since I do now I would love to go on one myself. If you are interested in going on a Jazz Cruise a tip would be to go on one during the Danish Jazz Festival.

Another place to visit in beautiful Copenhagen is the National Museum of Denmark as it has such informative exhibits and shows the history of the country.

Lastly, Laurie recommended visiting the TIVOLI which is a world renowned amusement and pleasure garden in Copenhagen. Here you can watch live ballet shows in outdoor theatres. Definitely something I would like to see when I visit.

Places to eat and drink…

Laurie had a few recommendations for places to eat like a local in Copenhagen. Some of these places included La Education Nationale which served the best charcuterie boards and wine! This restaurant is located in the Latin Quarter of the city and has a very french feel to the restaurant.

Additionally, Laurie recommended the Restaurant Schonnemann which served traditional Scandinavian smorgasbords and over 170 varieties of schnapps. This restaurant has been there since 1877 and has a very oldy worldy and cosy feel to the place.


Laurie suggests that the best way to see Copenhagen would be to travel by electric scooter as you can see a lot of the city by travelling on scooter. I agree with this massively as when I visited Berlin I found that I saw the majority of the city and its features by visiting on scooter.

You can view the Berlin City Guide here:

A happy life…

I was intrigued to find out what made Denmark one of the ‘Happiest Countries in the world’ and Laurie enlightened me with what the people of Denmark do to make them the happiest and I think this could be something we could embrace more in the UK!

  • The Danish government treat everybody’s mental health and wellbeing as a priority.
  • Extra effort is made for family life. For Example, on Friday’s in Denmark most people finish work at 2pm as your employer would like for you to spend time with family and friends doing hobbies as it keeps your moral high!
  • Danish people take a lot of care for their environment by travelling mostly on bicycles as it is a lot more green to take your bike than your car where possible.
  • Having a hobby: A lot of Danish people have a hobby that they take very seriously whether that be a sport, a creative or crafty hobby etc as it takes your mind off your work and relieves you of stress.

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