For a natural glowy finish:

For a natural glowy finish to the skin I love the Garnier BB Cream Original Tinted Moisturiser as it illuminates the skin and leaves a very natural finish. This product is perfect if you want something to brighten up the skin.

This is an old favourite of mine and a product I used all throughout school and beyond, This is a product I will always go back too, especially for the summer and holidays. I love to apply this product after spending a long day in the sun as it is nice to have a little pick me up on the skin without covering your tan or looking too cakey.

For anti-redness:

For anti-redness I love the L’Oreal Paris C’est Magic CC Cream as it blends into the colour of your skin tone meaning that the shades are easy to match to your skin.

For the last two/ three years I have taken this product on holiday as it covers the red sun-kissed face of mine up well for the evening.

This product is great as it leaves a flawless finish to the skin and you can still the beauty of your natural skin underneath that. I love that this product shows off the freckles that my face gets from the lounging in the sun… (always remember SPF!)

for the spf included:

The Body Shop Instaglow CC Cream: SPF 20 is perfect as it has SPF built into its formula, (This does not mean that you should rely on this as your only source of SPF, as you should always wear an SPF prior to applying the CC cream.) This product does what it says on the tin, it gives you an ‘instaglow’ whatever that means… haha but it really does give your skin a glow and glowing skin will always be a timeless trend.

For the anti- ageing:

The No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream is perfect for banishing blemishes with anti-ageing properties. This product manages to keep skin looking youthful and fresh without being too heavy.

This product enhances the skin’s natural glow and has built in UV technology and even SPF 15 which keeps the skin protected (but again remember… a separate SPF before applying the BB Cream.) As you can probably tell I am a SPF fanatic.

For the sensitive skin:

The Burts Bees Tinted Moisturiser is one of my favourites for sensitive skin as it is made from all natural ingredients such as green tea which is known for being beneficial to the skin. This product leaves a very natural finish to the skin so I would not recommend this product if you like a more heavier coverage as this is very light coverage.

This product has a very non greasy look and feel to the skin and is so easy to apply. I find this product applies best with your fingers as it warms the product up first.

This product also comes in 6 shades which means it has more variety than other BB Creams as many only usually come in one or two shades.

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