My Skincare Regime & how i ‘try’ to maintain clear skin

My highly requested skincare regime, how I TRY to maintain clear skin and my tips that work for me!

After years of using countless cleansers, moisturisers, toners, spot clearing creams and exfoliators I think I have finally found my holy grail products that I find have worked for me. (Not every product that will work for me will work for everybody!)

For me skincare used to be about trying whatever everybody else was trying and what my favourite You-tuber’s would be talking about on their videos I began trying all of these products that would not necessarily work for me but might for other people and since then I have worked out the products that work for my skin and some things I do food and drink wise to also try and maintain ‘clear and glowy’ skin.

Disclaimer: What products work for me might not work for everyone and these are just my recommendations of products that have worked for me before and products I would recommend when people ask me what products work for clearing skin or glowing skin, these are what I would typically recommend just collated into one blog post!


Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel

I have spoke about the Avene Cleanance Gel before and it became my go to cleanser until a few weeks ago where I saw it was sold out in so many places so the next cleansing gel I’ve mentioned is a new favourite of mine. This Avene Cleanance gel will always be one of my favourite cleansers as it has always left my skin feeling refreshed and thoroughly clean. The Avene Cleanance gel will also last you a long time as a little goes a long way and I would highly recommend! I noticed a huge change in my skin since using this cleanser as it cleared my pores and gave my skin more of a glow.

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

The CeraVe foaming facial cleanser is my most recent cleanser of choice as it was one I had heard a lot about and I was intrigued by its aims to do great things for oily skin.

Since starting to use the CeraVe cleanser I have found that it has controlled my oily areas like my T-Zone, I have noticed my T-Zone has got a lot less oily since using this cleanser.

Again, I can recommend this cleanser if you struggle with an oily T-Zone and it is such long lasting as it is foamy a small bit of gel mixed with water creates a huge lather of bubbles so it is such a long lasting product.


Botanics 100% Restoring Overnight Facial Oil

I was once roaming around Boots and I found their own botanics range and I was intrigued by what serums were used for and whether they had any effect on your skin as I always assumed they just made your skin oily and as someone with oily/combination skin I didn’t ever use serums as I just assumed it would always make my skin excessively oily but it has worked wonders on my skin, I use this product during my evening skincare routine and it works as you sleep to give you a morning glow and a softness to the skin.

Botanics Radiance Concentrate Face Serum

Back at it with the Botanics Serums, but this time with the radiance concentrate face serum which I use daily along with my go to moisturiser. This serum applies beautifully and can be worn underneath makeup without making the makeup slide off the face. However, I love this product worn alone as it adds a natural glow to the face without the need for highlighter!

If you are just starting out with serums I would recommend trying out the Boots Botanics range as it is a great starter product and definitely my go to serums. These are both under £10 which is great as some serums can be extremely expensive when they don’t need to be. I love these Botanics Serums!


Childs Farm UNFRAGRANCED Moisturiser

Anyone who knows me knows that my go to moisturiser will always be the Childs Farm Unfragranced Moisturiser and I know people will question it like “isn’t that for babies?” and Yes it is but since being recommending it by a Doctor for dry skin/exscema around my eyes I have used it all over my face and it makes my skin so soft and feeling extremely moisturised and non greasy.

I will always recommend this moisturiser as it is gentle on the skin and perfect for sensitive skin which I have.

Gruum Kare Daily moisturiser

I purchased this Gruum Daily Moisturiser from Beauty Bay a while ago and I was shocked when it arrived and I realised it was a small size but was perfect for travelling.

This moisturiser is perfect for providing the hydration that your skin needs and thrives for that we don’t always have.

This moisturiser is great for sensitive skin and the small sized bottle of 50ml that I purchased is perfect for trying it out without having to buy the full-size product.

extra things i do to try and maintain clear/glowy skin:

  • I try to exfoliate my skin once a week- to attempt to clear out my pores.
  • Every two weeks I use a charcoal face mask to reduce blackheads.
  • I have noticed that consuming less dairy also has helped my skin out so I use a lot more almond milk and try and consume dairy free when I can!

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