My 5 festive favourite stocking filler ideas!

My current favourite stocking fillers that would make the perfect gifts for last minute bits to finish off your Christmas shopping!

With Christmas quickly approaching I am getting even more excited by the day, I think with the year we have all had, a nice Christmas is something well earned and deserved in my opinion and I really do hope everyone has a relaxing fun Christmas, remember this time of the year and especially with this year of 2020 it is important to support independent brands and support those who need it the most at Christmas by supporting any charities with whatever you can!

All of the stocking filler ideas and suggestions I include in this feature will all be under £15 and especially under £10 where possible, as there are some amazing stocking filler gifts that don’t have to cost the world and make some lovely gifts. The stocking fillers will feature from independent brands and retailers where possible.

HK Living 70s cappuccino mug 

This HK Living mug is so beautiful and perfect for any tea/coffee lover and is a great stocking filler and would be a great gift paired with cosy socks inside would be a cute gift! I’d definitely appreciate it haha!

This HK Living mug is available through A Slower Space in Liverpool, one of my personal favourite stores and such a great independent retailer!

A Slower Space also stock more amazing homewares that would make amazing gifts and stocking fillers!

Shop A Slower Space here

Lush snow fairy gift set

Lush have some amazing products all throughout the year but in my opinion their products shine at Christmas, their Snow Fairy scent screams Christmas and this gift set I have included here is great for £12.50 as you get a Snow Fairy shower gel and Bath Bomb.

Lush also have so many amazing gifts for various price ranges, but for £12.50 you can’t go wrong and who doesn’t love the Snow Fairy scent!

Rose, Geranium & pink French clay organic soap by Seven

Again, my love for A Slower Space on Penny Lane in Liverpool continues and this time I am including a great stocking filler for beauty lovers, this Rose and Geranium scent is amazing and I think it would make the perfect little stocking filler for any beauty or soap lover!

For £4.95, it is a great gift if you are on a budget and who doesn’t love handmade beauty products!

Gnaw Vegan Hot Chocolate Shot Gift Set

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I have seen so many hot chocolate bomb gifts this year and I’m not surprised, who doesn’t love a hot chocolate around the Christmas period and winter in general.

The GNAW hot chocolate stirrers are such a good stocking filler for the chocoholic in your life, these ones are vegan so even better for any vegan family or friends you may have who also love chocolate!

These stirrers come in three flavours, Dark, Mylk and Dark with sea salt, so there is a flavour for everyone!

These stirrers are available at Oliver Bonas for £8.50 which is under the £10 budget, these would make the perfect stocking filler!

Timi of Sweden – I Be-Leaf In You Bracelet

Again, I am back at it with some of my favourite stores, and this one is the independent gift shop based in Liverpool and Manchester called Utility, my gosh I could speak about all day, I love Utility! (My boyfriend can back up how much I love Utility!)

These TIMI bracelets are so cute and such a great sentimental gift for any family or friend, these bracelets are £10 and would be such a great stocking filler with so much meaning!

Thanks for your support as always!

Aims xxx

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