Oceania Copenhagen: A brand with sustainability at its heart

We meet Oceania Copenhagen a brand making products whilst looking after the oceans

We have done many many features with independent businesses and we are obviously not done yet as we introduce todays feature with Oceania Copehagen, a lifestyle brand hailing from the Danish capital.

Oceania Copenhagen is a brand that has a passion for making amazing quality pieces but whilst being sustainable and kind to the oceans whilst doing so.

We spoke to Founder Marie on why she chose to start her business and why sustainability is so important to her business moving forward.

Also a quick Ps before you read, I would have your purses and wallets at the ready her pieces are stunning. Hehe!

Over to Marie…

Where did the idea to start Oceania come from? And was it a dream of yours to have your own brand?

The idea came to me when I was living in Australia. I was very much inspired by my friends who knew so much about essential oils and their benefits. I was totally blown away after trying these. I’ve suffered from migraines since I was 13. I could spend 1-2 days a week in bed, crying because they were so painful. I started using peppermint oil when I had my attacks and I ditched the pills. That honestly changed my life.
I’ve always had break outs and I started my research on the perfect recipe for my skin. I found it with help form my network and I’ve used my Facial Serum ever since.

Honestly, it wasn’t a dream of mine to start my own brand. Originally it started as Oceania Skincare with hand-poured/handmade oils and soy candles. Most of all I just wanted to share these products that really helped me, my skin and hair.

Furthermore, it was really important to me, to be more than just a brand, so I decided to support the organizations providing for the Oceans for the first years. 10% of the profit was donated to organisations such as Nordic Ocean Watch.

Because of Covid and the situation, I wasn’t able to actually participate in cleans ups etc and I had to stop the collaboration with NOW.

I am certainly interested in working with NGOs and my plan for 2022 is to team up with a NGO providing for women and children in need.

What are your favourite products and why did you decide to go down the lifestyle product route?

I would have to say my Facial Serum. I couldn’t live without it! But I’m also very excited about the Yellow Oyster Bowl. It was a big strategic decision to change my domain from Oceania Skincare to Oceania Copenhagen and the biggest reason why was to open up for lifestyle products. I absolutely love interior design and I love developing and curating classic trends. That’s the main reason.

What makes Oceania different to other lifestyle brands?

OCEANIA is different because all of my products are handmade by women. If it isn’t me, it’s my ceramicist or my glass blower. Right now it’s a big part of the identity. OCEANIA is about making time, slow living and high quality. At the core of the brand I wish to support women and create a community. I absolutely love chatting to my customers and I believe that we all need a supportive community.

Why is sustainability so important to you as a brand and how do you incorporate sustainability into your products?

Honestly. I believe and hope that in the future we won’t need to keep talking about sustainability, because it should be as a matter of course to any brand. I believe that anyone who has a voice should use it and for me, sustainability is a natural part of the journey.

Since all products are handmade we save a lot of energy and CO2 emission. I only use the bare minimum when it comes to packaging and I mainly reuse other packaging when packing my products.

What’s next for you as a brand?

I have quite a few products waiting to be launched. I believe that the first launch is new ceramics which I’m quite excited about.

I also wish to use the community more and create a few events throughout 2022.

You can shop here : https://www.oceaniacopenhagen.com/

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