Talking the importance of wellness with Mi Wellness

Talking to Kate, the founder of Mi Wellness on why wellness is so important and why we need to take time for ourselves more often.

Wellness means so many things to so many different people. In days where we live such busy and hectic lives it is important to remember to take time for yourself and just stop for a minute and breathe.

Mi Wellness founder Kate is a big advocate on wellness and her love for taking time for yourself has resulted in her creating a beautiful new brand that launched recently named Mi Wellness.

We were fascinated by Kate’s story and how she bit started on practicing wellness and why her products can now help you on your wellness journey.

Over to Kate…

Firstly, congratulations on the launch, what is wellness to you? 

Thank you so much, its’s been a while in the making and still evolving. Wellness to me is looking after yourself top to toe. It’s about creating healthy habits that you personally enjoy which fit perfectly into the rhythm into your own life. I think due to social media, we can have this impression that we need to be ’that person’ we see while doom scrolling, and in real life, we don’t, we just need to be ourselves and do what’s right for us in order to create balance our emotions and mental wellbeing for our bodies and mind.

How has wellness affected your life and has it benefited you?

I have a vast range of personal mental wellbeing coping tools such as Mindfulness, showcasing ways to balance over whelming emotions through meditation, yoga, breath-work, journaling and scent-therapy. Each of these are just small gentle tools which help me manage my days. Some people go for a hIIT class, I did try that because it was ’tending’ on insta, I nearly died or at least it felt like it as it made my anxiety hit the roof, however, I love a spin class now and again, so go figure! ha! These days I just stick to regular restorative Yoga in the evenings and walking. I believe it’s just made me be more present and calmer to enable me to enjoy the little things rather than thinking something ‘BIG’ has to happen in life just to succeed. It’s literally about taking one day at a time.

Why did you choose to focus on wellness products and what makes your products different to other brands with wellness at its core? 

I had a mental breakdown and since that day I have navigated my own personal recovery and seeking out to understand what Mental Health Illness really is. With MI, I wanted to take the opportunity to fuse together my knowledge of Humanistic therapy and Mindfulness with simple wellbeing coping tools by producing and curating a scent-therapy wellness range that’s effortlessly accessible to everyone to support people in balancing their emotions and mental wellness.

The apparel section of your website is beautiful- was it important to you for your products to show comfort whilst being sustainable? 

For the apparel section, I wanted people to seek everyday personal pieces like they would on the high-street, except from a brand that holds ethicals and values of sustainability at the core of their brand. I wanted to showcase that your can be comfortable, effortlessly stylish and yourself when wearing sustainable fashion. As my small business in sustainable fashion takes a pivot into the wellness arena my ethical and values will always stay the same when it comes to supporting our planet and people. I wanted my wellness products to slip into peoples lives and not interfere with their own personal aesthetics of their and be present like the have always been part of their surroundings. 

For somebody new to focusing on wellness, what products of yours would you suggest starting with first?

If you want to dip your toe into wellness, I would defiantly take a step towards our MI Wellness range of Incense. All scents are delicate and perfect for any mindfulness practice that will instantly put you in a meditative frame of mind. Which is what you want when you practice mindfulness, you want to become present within yourself for that moment. Even for just 5 minutes. We all owe it to ourselves to take 5 minutes out of our day for just us.

You can shop Mi Wellness here

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