Utility: Their Fathers Day Gift Guide for all budgets

Introducing our guide for all budgets for this Fathers Day with Utility Gift.

Utility’s guide to Fathers Day gifts for all budgets. Seriously, there is something for every dad out there.

Fathers Day, the day where we celebrate the dads, fathers, papas, pops, grandads and grandpa’s. The day were we celebrate the men in our lives, whether they be a biological father or someone who is like a father to you. This feature celebrates the dads, the dads to be, the dog dads, the cat dads and every dad in-between.

Today’s feature follows on from our ever so popular Mothers Day gift guide with Utility. Utility is an independently owned gift and design store. Utility has three stores in the north of England, with its flagship in Liverpool and now expanded to Oxford Road, Manchester. Each of the stores contains products by independent brands that are based around the world. Most of the brands at Utility can not be found in larger chain brands too.

In this case, we are looking at the perfect gifts for all the dads in your life for Fathers Day with Lucy one of the Digital Content Editors at Utility. Here is a guide curated by Lucy for the best Fathers Day gifts for all budgets at Utility (even better, they are all independent brands, how cool is that!)

What makes Utility the perfect place to shop Father’s Day Gifts?

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for! It’s so easy to get into the rhythm of buying him the same sort of thing each year, we like to think we can break that rhythm. At Utility, we work hard to keep up with new and exciting trends and brands to make sure we have the best to offer. We have a diverse range of products from books to walking boots, so you can find something perfect and unique (that isn’t a 6-pack of beer) that your dad will love. We also stock some cool & unique Father’s day cards, so even if you don’t know what to write in your card, at least you’ll have a great card to give!

Image from Utility Gift website

What are you excited about for your Father’s Day Gifts this year?

We have so much to offer this year! After a few exciting weeks in the world of Football, we have become very passionate about one man… Jurgen Klopp. We adore him and we know a lot of dads do too, and currently have a great range of Kloppy products to offer.

Book: What would Jurgen Klopp do?

Rekindling childhood nostalgia is also something we are a bit obsessed with at Utility. We have just gotten in a new range of products from Boyhood whose wooden objects are purely a celebration of childhood wonderment. Perfect for those collector dads who like to reminisce. 

Boyhood Brand on Utility Gift

Another exciting new arrival is from Rolife, who create DIY miniature house kits, perfect for the DIY-loving dad who loves a project. 

Rolife Brand on Utility Gift

What are your favourite products you would recommend for Father’s Day Gifts on a budget?

You can never go wrong with chocolate… that is a fact and budget-friendly! We have some brilliant brands of chocolate at the moment, Such as Stateside Treat Emporium (who are inspired by American flavour combinations) and Tony’s Chocolonely (Fairtrade and delicious) starting from £4! 

Another great option for budget-friendly gifting is our collection of Candylab wooden vehicles. Unique craftsmanship mixed with a deep love for vintage automotive design makes this the ideal gift for the gearhead Dad. Candylab wooden vehicles start at £10!

Mugs, we love a good mug! Especially when it features our favourite cartoon dog, Snoopy! The Peanuts Genius at Work Mug is one of our current favourites, it’s the perfect shape for a good cuppa and is full of nostalgia. Great for your budget and great for your Dad. 

Why should our readers shop at Utility for their Father’s Day gifts and beyond this year?

We genuinely have such a strong passion for gifts and homeware, and each and every one of us truly love everything we sell (honestly all of our houses are pretty much mini Utilitys). We are a proudly independent business and work hard to bring our customers the newest, coolest things from big brands such as Rains to local independent makers such as Ickaprint. You can shop online with us or come visit us in either Liverpool or Manchester, plus we are dog friendly! Who wouldn’t want a shopping date with their doggo?

Image from Utility Gift website

What is your favourite thing about working at Utility and would you recommend it?

I have worked for Utility since 2016, first starting off as a sales assistant in the gift store on Bold Street, Liverpool and I now work on the web team. I have met so many amazing people through my time here who share so many similar passions and have made friends for life, it really is like a little family. I love the products we sell and have zero self-control when we get new Jellycats in… It really has been a lovely well-rounded story for me as I now get to create greeting cards for a shop I adored when I was a teenager.

A huge thanks to Lucy from Utility. You can shop Utility here

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