Celebrating one year of galerie de aims magazine. Happy 1st Birthday!

Celebrating one whole year as galerie de aims. From blog to magazine, here is everything I’ve learnt so far.

One year ago in April I was pondering over the idea of starting my own website of some description. I was taking inspirations from various outlets such as Byrdie, Into the Gloss, Repeller and Song of style to name a few. However, after spending many hours of the first UK lockdown reading countless articles and watching youtube videos of the founders of these websites talking about how they started, it became clear that we all had the same dream of creating an outlet and a means of escape through the eye of digital fashion and beauty.

When deciding on my own website name I decided on galerie de aims, translating from french as Aim’s gallery and essentially that is what it is, my gallery, my space where I share things I care about. The aim was to show independent fashion and beauty brands through a means that gives them a space to talk about their collections or brand freely. Something I’d noticed over the years was that independent brands were not getting the exposure they deserved which was huge to me and something I wanted to show through galerie de aims and so far I think that has been achieved with brands from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and soon to be Puerto Rico.

Creating this website has been the best decision I have ever made and I am extremely grateful to every single person that has ever read an article I have written. One year on has shown my love for writing, designing, fashion and magazine editing. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing brands on amazing collaborations from razors, earrings and even croissants! (I’m one lucky girl!)

The past year has taught me perseverance, taught me to have more confidence in myself and overall has given me the chance to meet the faces behind incredible brands! From starting out as a blog I realised I wanted to make galerie de aims a full time career in the future and have a physical copies made because I for one still love the act of buying a magazine and reading through it page by page.

For the next year of galerie de aims magazine I am excited to work with many more global independent brands to give them the exposure they deserve. Additionally, I am excited to create much more content after I finish my degree in June/July and go back to the two/three features a week.

As I say a happy 1st Birthday to galerie de aims magazine I want to say the biggest thank you to every brand, contributor and collaboration from this year so far, even though the magazine is still baby small, it is growing by the day and that is thanks to the independents and all contributors! (I see you!)

Happy 1st Birthday to my baby galerie de aims magazine.

Here is to another year of features…



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