Shampoo Bars: Our Three Favourites.

Shampoo is a staple in all of our daily routines. However, some shampoo bottles seem to be made entirely of plastics which does not help our current global situation. This is why the introduction of a more sustainable way of shampooing is now upon us.

Shampoo bars are something I first came across a few years ago when I bought a Lush shampoo bar with some pocket money whilst at school. I did not realise how the popularity of shampoo bars would increase. Each of these shampoo bars leaves your hair knot-free and does not need to use any conditioner.

Our biggest tip is to brush through your hair with a wet hair detangle brush after use to release any knots that may have formed during the lather.
Shampoo bars last so much longer than your average plastic bottle shampoo as a little goes a long way with each of our three favourites below.

Here is our guide to our top three shampoo bars that have helped our hair.

Biovene Shampoo Bar: Coconut & Keratin

I recently found the brand Biovene whilst I was in Spain and now I am obsessed with the brand overall. The shampoo bar I purchased for damage control and after one use it has transformed the dullness of my hair. The shine as soon as it dried was visible. A little goes a long way with this shampoo bar as once it is wet and you lather it in your hands a lot of product is released from the bar like a good traditional bar of soap! My hair just felt a lot better once I used it and also has lasted much longer between washes rather than feeling like I need to wash it every day which is not good. Biovene has improved my hair and it is the first I have been complimented on the shine of my hair since using a bar rather than a bottle.
Biovene has many other shampoo bars that are made for various hair types and also are such a good price being less than 5 euros each.

Lush: Shampoo Bar in ‘Honey I washed my hair’

This was the first shampoo bar I discovered. This has a beautiful texture and scent that leaves your hair feeling silky and with a lovely honey scent.
Many Lush shampoo bars also make for a lovely gift as each scent is divine and you could eat it (obviously do not do this!). This bar leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean and a little goes a long way as it lathers quickly once water is added meaning that you are using a lot fewer plastic shampoo bottles.
Each time I buy the Honey I washed my hair shampoo bar I remember why I love it and why it is such a good staple hair product that gives me all the moisture and shine I need without having to use additional products.

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Garnier Ultimate Blends Marvellous Oils Nourishing Shampoo Bar for Dull Hair

Sometimes when people whose hair can go ‘greasy or oily’ they including myself tend to avoid hair products that have oil in the title. However, the reason your hair might be more oily could be due to over-washing. This does not mean using a shampoo with oil in will make it worse. This shampoo bar creates a natural shine to the hair without looking greasy. The scent is beautiful and your hair is left feeling nourished and healthier after use. The product is long-lasting and replicates a good bar of soap that leaves your hair feeling clean.

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