Dublin city guide

Here is a city guide for visiting Dublin from someone who knows it best my friend Emma, a Dublin local with bags of information about the city and how to get around!

Dublin has been a city I have always wanted to visit. Even though it is only across the sea from Liverpool I have never been! I thought to be able to complete a city guide for Dublin it would only be right to call my friend Emma, a Dublin born and bred dancer and all round amazing person!

Here are some of Emma’s recommendations for visiting Dublin:

Things to do:

  • One of the first places Emma recommended to me was the Guinness Store House Tour a must see for Dublin as everyone knows Dublin is home to Guinness and this is something that cannot be missed. At the Guinness house you get a tour of the brewery and a taster of what the Guinness tour has to offer!
  • The Viking Splash is a perfect way to see some of the sights along the River Liffey like The Spire and the Dublin skyline. This tour gives you an insight into viking life on the water and ends with the U2 recording studios.
  • Kilmainham Gaol is one for people who are interested in the history of Ireland and for people who want to step back into history. Kilmainham Gaol gives visitors an insight into life in the jail in the 1700s. The jail was home to some of the most famous Irish military leaders and politicians. The Jail/Gaol also played a role in the harsh famine times of Ireland.
  • Trinity College Dublin and The Book of Kells are both places to have a stroll around as they are both very picturesque and are perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll.
  • Temple Bar is a must see according to Emma and after researching it I cannot wait to visit, as this seems right up my street. Temple Bar is spread over cobbled streets and home to crowded pubs, independent shops and quirky boutiques and restaurants.

Places to Eat:

  • Mexico to Rome: Emma recommended this restaurant and it looks so cute and quaint! Emma would recommend the sizzling fajitas, the Tex-Mex baby back ribs and the Chilli.
  • Alfie’s Bar: Emma would recommend getting any of the small plates as Alfie’s Bar is known for its tapas selection!
  • O’Connell’s Bar: Emma recommends anything from O’Connell’s from the soups to the steaks!

Emma’s tips on how to get around dublin

  • The hop on- hop off bus in the city centre is the best way to see the sights and getting from one side of the city to the other.
  • The Dublin bus serves all of Dublin and surrounding areas and is 3euros per adult. So it is very reasonable and covers a lot of the areas.
  • The LUAS is an overground speed train which covers lines all over the city and beyond and is an extremely fast speed train. Perfect for people in a rush!

Thank you so much Emma for helping me create this guide to Dublin.

More of Emma on instagram @emmamoriarty123

Instagram @galeriedeaims

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