Tokyo city guide

Here is a city guide for visiting the magical city of Tokyo, Japan from blogger Lindsay of ‘Momming it in Japan’ and a resident of Tokyo for 13 years!

Tokyo is a city that has been very high up on my list of cities to visit for so long now. After seeing how beautiful the city is on images, documentaries and youtube videos by Negin Mirsalehi and Romee Strijd.

After finding Lindsay who owns the blog ‘Momming it in Japan’ I contacted her to request her to help me write a guide to visiting the magical city of Tokyo!

All location names are in bold!


Lindsay recommended visiting the pop culture capital of Harajuku for all the amazing snacks and fun food items! If you take a walk down Takeshita street you can find many exciting treats on your way, Lindsay recommends that you have to try one of the crepes!

Located right beside the famous Harajuku area is Yoyogi Park which is always booming at weekends and home to the amazing Meiji Shrine. This park gives you the classic Japan atmosphere!

Asakusa Shrine!

Japan is famous for being home to thousands of shrines and Lindsay recommends visiting the Asakusa Shrine and spending the day there taking pictures and embracing the beautiful buildings whilst wearing a rented Yukata or Kimonos ( traditional Japanese garments!) At the Asakusa Shrine you can take a rickshaw ride whilst the staff explain about the area. In the area where Asakusa Shrine is situated there are tons of traditional Japanese Sushi restaurants nearby where you can enjoy the fresh slices of Sashimi!

From Asakusa… to Tokyo Bay!

After you have visited the Asakusa area you can take a ferry to the Tokyo Bay area where you can visit the Team Lab Borderless Museum for some digital fun! (This is a place I have wanted to visit for the longest time!) At night, the island of Odaiba is beautiful due to all the lights and Rainbow Bridge located nearby and also lit up! For shopaholics like me there are many shopping centres located in this area!


For fun nightlife Lindsay recommends you check out the area of Shinjuku, home to some of the best street food in Japan and beyond! Located in this area of the Red District is Golden Gai and this is famous for food bars and drinking bars!

Shinjuku is also home to some of the best Michelin top ranked restaurants and perfect for if you are looking for some fine dining food for maybe a date night or a special night out!

Cafes & Shopping!

If you are looking for a cafe for a afternoon pick me up, Lindsay recommends that the best areas for this are Ginza and Omotesando. These areas are the best for high brands and designer shopping!

Ginza is home to some huge department stores such as Ginza Six which here you can encounter some Japanese treasures by local artists.

Tsujiri, a famous tea shop from Kyoto has a branch at Ginza Six and is a must see for Matcha lovers like me!

Last but definitely not least… SHIBUYA!

Shibuya as a district has been expanding in the last 10 years and now it is the best time to travel there as it is much more developed and now offers a wide variety of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes! After researching the area many people also recommend to visit Kobe beef teppanyaki Hakushu.

Thanks again to Lindsay from for helping me write this Tokyo City Guide. Be sure to check out Lindsay’s blog linked above for all things Japan!

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