Hey… Estrid!

ESTRID have completely changed my shaving routine and here’s why…

With being a girl born with dark hair I have always struggled when it comes to shaving as I have always found that any razor I have used never has given me a clean shadowless shave and I have never been satisfied with the outcome of the shave and trust me I have tried everything from hair removal cream to men’s razors and even electric women’s razors and nothing gave me a really sharp clean shave until I met ESTRID

ESTRID is a brand I am totally in love with for many reasons, they support female empowerment and embrace body hair whether you choose to remove it or not. ESTRID will support your body hair decisions either way! I personally fall into the hair removal category and ESTRID fully support that!

I was kindly gifted a razor and a case of my choice from ESTRID and I chose the colour Blush as I love the shade of pink and it looks beautiful against the tiles in my bathroom! They have many beautiful shades such as space, cloud, lemonade and peach!

Since using my Blush ESTRID I have found that my skin feels so much smoother than using the average razor and my shave has lasted so much longer!

I would recommend ESTRID to anyone as they are such an empowering company with females at its heart.

Thank you so much ESTRID for allowing me to find my perfect razor.

Where can you shop ESTRID?

Directly from their website here: https://estrid.com/gb/


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