The timeless 70S costumes of The Serpent

The new BBC hit true crime thriller with costumes inspiring us all right now.

The new crime series currently hitting the BBC at the moment is ‘The Serpent’ starring Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman. The Serpent follows the story of the infamous French serial killer Charles Sobhraj and his partner in crime girlfriend Marie-Andree LeClerc.

The pair used to go by false alias’ of Alain and Monique whilst hunting down travelling tourists in the south of Asia particularly in Thailand and Nepal from the 1970s onwards.

Monique portrayed by Coleman used her charm and friendly manner to lure in unsuspecting victims who took advantage of their false kindness and were made to believe they had created a friendship with the two when they really were only taking advantage of the tourists.

I absolutely condemn the disgusting and predatory behaviour of Sobhraj and LeClerc and this feature will only be highlighting the costumes in the series created by Rachel Walsh. Monique/Marie-Andree’s character’s costumes are all extremely 70s and show a chic french bohemian style.

70S Fashion/

The fashion of the 1970s is so timeless and cool, the typical look consisted of a high waisted flared denim jeans and a shirt showing off the stereotypical psychedelic prints. Who can forget the high waisted belts that created the ‘sinched waist’.

Monique is typically seen sporting the large square frame sunglasses and large hoop earrings. Obviously the stand out look of the show is her sharp green suit seen in all the promos for the show which I love!

Jenna Coleman’s style is often a style inspiration for me as she always looks classy and chic and this has made me want to go slightly more adventurous with my own sense of style!

The Jade Green Suit

This is the most well known outfit from The Serpent and rightfully so, this suit is timeless and looks perfect paired with the light floral blouse.

After researching to find the exact suit Monique wears in the show I could not find it anywhere! However, I did find this alternative which would look fabulous paired with a similar light orange floral blouse!

You can shop this here:

Terracotta Blouse and High Waisted Flared Jeans

The simplicity of this look is what makes me love it. The trousers and shirt combination is so basic but super chic at the same time!

This look is super simple to recreate and something I would happily wear out myself.

This look is super simple to recreate and something I would happily wear out myself.

The jeans would be so simple to find if you just find some light flares! A shirt alternative you can shop here:

The Peach Kimono

This silky kimono style dressing gown is so chic and elegant and would compliment all skin tones as the peach tone is so beautiful!

I struggled to find the exact kimono worn by Coleman in this scene but I did find this beautiful alternative.

You can shop this look here :

You can watch The Serpent on BBC iPlayer here.


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