The products I have been loving lately…

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I cannot believe it is 2021! It’s crazy that I have nearly been a blogger on galerie de aims for nearly a year! I am wishing everyone a happy and healthy year.

After a week off from writing features for galerie de aims you’ll be surprised to know I did not just spend the week relaxing and eating excessive Christmas chocolates ( even though a lot of that happened haha!) I spent it planning my next big campaign for galerie de aims which will be revealed around mid February.

Lately, I have used a lot of new products, some have been Christmas gifts and some have been purchases of my own. The products in this feature are all amazing and I am so shocked that I had never used or heard of them before.

Here are some of the new products I have been loving lately

Kent Brushes Shampoo & Scalp Massage Brush

I recently purchased this shampoo and scalp massage brush as I have been missing the head massages I get in the hair salon when I get my hair cut. This brush gives the desired effect of a head massage without the hairdresser haha! I use this brush when I apply the shampoo to my head and I have found that the results are great. My hair has felt so much cleaner as I have found that since using the massage brush I have been able to give my hair a deeper clean that it has needed!

NYX professional makeup dewy/ long lasting Setting spray

After being a lover of the NYX liquid lipstick collection for a long time ( especially when I was 15/16 with following the dark matte liquid lipstick trend everyone was hyped about) I thought it was about time I tried a skin product from NYX.

I have never really used setting sprays as to be honest I thought they were pointless and just made your face wet! However, the only type of spray I have ever trusted on my skin is the Rose Spray from Mario Badescu but now I am obsessed with the NYX Dewy Setting Spray. I have found that it really does set my makeup into place and adds a glow to my face that I have not noticed before!

Illamasqua Beyond Lipstick – Ruby

When I was around 16 and going through my teenage spotty skin stage I wanted to use the highest coverage products I could get my hands on and I came across the brand Illamasqua and I was amazed by the high coverage foundation ‘Skin Base’ – 16 year old me was obsessed with it and therefore plastered it onto my skin.

Since then I haven’t used Illamasqua products, no reason I haven’t I just found a routine of other products that I love. Well, recently I fell back into a makeup google search hole and found a gorgeous lipstick shade from Illamasqua that I just had to buy, and after a huge makeup clear out of all the bold lipsticks I spoke about earlier in this post I wanted a lipstick to keep in my handbag that was such a ‘me’ shade and this is definitely it.

The shimmer in the lipstick is perfect for a touch of sparkle in times that we need it most!


I was gifted the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser from my Mum and Dad for Christmas as they have known for years how much I love the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. But they also know that I only ever use it on special occasions as when I first recevied it as a gift I was around 15/16 and I thought it was super expensive and for some reason that has stuck in my head and I only ever use it on a special occasion and I mostly only have this if it was gifted from my family for Christmas or Birthdays.

The Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser set is one of the creamiest cleansers I have ever used and leaves my skin feeling super fresh and extremely clean. This wonder product is from ALDI’s own beauty brand- yes you heard me correctly ALDI! Aldi is home to many amazing beauty products in their LACURA range that often sell out quickly and get amazing reviews from beauty awards and magazines.

Additionally, the LACURA muslin cloths are so soft on the skin and the best accompaniment to the cleanser set.

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