Berlin: A city of beautiful boutiques…

Meet some of Berlin’s beautiful independent boutiques

Berlin, one of my favourite cities in the world and a city that has many independent stores and boutiques. I wish I could include every single independent boutique in this feature but unfortunately that isn’t possible but that means more of these features with independent boutiques from around the world will be coming soon.

This feature showcases 4 of Berlin’s boutiques Les Souers Shop, Das Cape Madchen, Amorph Berlin and Corvera Vargas.

Over to the indies…

Les Soeurs Shop

The independently ran boutique focuses on curvy fashion and body positivity. The motto of the boutique is Style has no size. Which is so true and something that all brands should focus more on. 

The Charlottenburg based boutique offers the best of plus size pieces from some of the most popular designers worldwide. 

The shop hosts body positivity events and is just an all round bad ass shop spreading the right message. 

Das Cape Madchen focus on creating bespoke    capes that can be worn in so many different ways. Founder Josephine feels that the cape is the epitome of basics and is an essential in every persons wardrobe. 

Das Cape Madchen proves that capes are an essential for all year round wear. Based not too far from the Bavarian Quarter of the city. The cape designers ensure that their pieces are all created exclusively in the EU and use Lambswool from Australia. 

The aim of Das Cape Madchen is to create pieces that become the ultimate staple in everyone’s wardrobe and pieces that are timeless and classic.

Amorph Berlin has been creating luxury cashmere pieces since 2010. The beautiful shawls and scarves creations was just the start for this beautiful brand. The brand with high production standards and the epitome of founder Iris. 

Amorph Berlin is one to watch in the luxury cashmere market and the dreamy showroom in Berlin’s centre between Charlottenburg and Tiergarten is definitely worth a visit. 

Corvera Vargas is a brand based in Berlin and it screams handcrafted beauty. CV creates limited edition pieces that everyone should want to wear.

Corvera Vargas uses materials only sourced from the EU. CV change their collections seasonly and each piece is handcrafted to the highest degree of luxury.

The label uses versatile fabrics and colour palettes that make each of their pieces timeless and classic. Corvera Vargas is a brand you need to watch..


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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