Here are my top tips for how to pack your sacred beauty items for when you travel to keep them in tact.

Protecting your makeup powders:

To protect my powder blushes, highlighters and bronzers when I travel I use cotton pads inside the product to protect the powder when below in the hold of the plane!

These ones from EcoPanda are great as they are sustainably made!

Protecting your liquid makeup:

I like to add cello-tape to products like foundation and bb cream lids to prevent spillages into your suitcase. Something I like to do is decant some of my liquid makeup into a smaller container so I don’t have a big bottle of bb cream or foundation that I don’t need.

Replace your mascara for a waterproof one:

Perfect for if you like wearing makeup for the day but have fears of sweating it off! When I need a good waterproof mascara I always go back to Too Faced’s Better than Sex Mascara- it gives you big fluttery lashes without the need for eyelash extensions.

Minimise it into palettes:

I like to take palettes when I travel as they are space saving and can give you options to cover your day and night look. I love palettes that contain blush, highlight and contour/bronzer.

I love to use the contour/bronzer colour for my eyeshadow when I’m travelling or on holiday as I don’t like too much on my eyes when I’m away!

Get a good makeup bag:

Investing in a good makeup bag for when you travel is important as you can use it over again for other trips. I would recommend getting a plastic interior as it is easier to clean if anything spills.

Multi- purpose products

Multi-purpose products are great for minimising your makeup bag for travel. I particularly like lip and cheek sticks as they are perfect and leave your skin matching with your lips!


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