Talking to Friscobaye on life as a indie jewellery designer

A Q&A with Willa on life as a independent jewellery designer.

With the current pandemic affecting all aspects of life, it is especially important to remember to support independent businesses during this time as they are the ones who are the most appreciative of people not just buying their products but supporting them on social media etc.

This time we are talking all things jewellery with a gorgeous brand called ‘Friscobaye’ it was started by Willa in 2018 as a means to fund a trip to the US. After this she continued to create her bespoke pieces as ‘Friscobaye’.

I caught up with Willa for this Q&A and talked life as an independent Jewellery Designer and this is what she had to say…

Where did your idea to start your own jewellery brand come from?

I had always loved to make jewellery when I was younger so when I started to fundraise for a school trip to California in 2018, making jewellery was the perfect solution.

My first product was the colourful beaded name bracelets which I began selling them to friends and family via Instagram and Facebook. It wasn’t until Lockdown in summer when I had a lot more spare time to grow Friscobaye which was when I launched my website.

Where do you get your main inspirations for designs come from?

‘If I see some colours together which look so cool, I’ll play around with similar coloured beads to see how it looks as a necklace or a bracelet.

 I am constantly inspired by colours, I love matching beads to colour schemes and randomly selecting colours to see how they look together. I love to mix up my designs so that everyone finds something they like, from vibrant vintage shades to pastel Y2K vibes, there will always be something for everyone’.

What are your biggest tips for someone wanting to become a jewellery designer?

I think it’s really important to find your own style and develop it instead of altering it to your perception of what you think people will like.

My biggest tip is to go for it! Don’t hold back and waste time because you will learn so much more in the process than what you can ever prepare for.

What are you most looking forward to with Friscobaye?

I am really excited for 2021, I am currently designing new pieces and I can’t wait for them to be launched.

I also just released the Kaleidoscopic collection necklace which are fun and colourful and I’m planning on expanding it soon…

What is your favourite piece from Friscobaye?

This is such a hard question! I wear my white TANA necklace EVERY day without fail, it’s a staple! I love layering it up with colourful necklaces, gold / silver jewellery and even wearing it on it’s own.I love how it’s so simple because it’s just white and gold yet it adds the perfect touch to every outfit.

More from Willa and Friscobaye below!

Shop Friscobaye here. Instagram/ @friscobaye


Instagram/ @galeriedeaims

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